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The Langley Riders Society started in 1965  is a non profit organization which is Located in Langley, British Columbia.

Our Society relies on our volunteers who provide an opportunity for people of all ages to get together to share their mutual interest in horses.   We provide a fun, learning, practice environment in which both children and adults get together to participate in several multi-disciplinary riding events and shows.

Our outdoor riding facility is located at 4303 208th Street, Langley, B.C.


Photo’s courtesy of RGM Photography




*** Exciting News****

Langley Riders is very excited to announce that thanks to Grey Ghost Ranch, we are starting a Superhorse Award its a $500 cash prize for the horse and rider combination that earns the most points in English, Western, and Games for the 2018 season!!!


Eligibility period from April 1st to October 20th.. All efforts will be made to run rain out dates, but there is no guarantee that any dates will be re-scheduled.

Designated horse and rider must be declared at the first event entered and can not be changed or modified in any way during the eligibility period. Rider must declare both horse and riders name no later than June 30, 2018.

All entrants must be LRS members in good standing and must abide by all LRS bylaws and rules. Contest is open to members of any age.

Contestants must ride in Games, English and Western events and must participate in at least ½ of the events in each division. A horse can be entered by only one club member.

Winner of the contest will be decided by the Board of Directors at the November directors meeting and the winner will be awarded $500.00 donated by Grey Ghost Ranch at the year end awards banquet.

Points will start to accumulate as of April 01, 2018

Registration fee is $10.00 . In English and Western Divisions the following age groups qualify: Tiny Mite, Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Open. In Games Division qualifying age groups are: Tiny Mite, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Jack Benny and George Burns.

The horse/ rider combination with the highest accumulation of points from all 3 disciplines will be awarded the Super Horse Award.