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The Langley Riders Society started in 1965  is a non profit organization which is Located in Langley, British Columbia.

Our Society relies on our volunteers who provide an opportunity for people of all ages to get together to share their mutual interest in horses.   We provide a fun, learning, practice environment in which both children and adults get together to participate in several multi-disciplinary riding events and shows.

Our outdoor riding facility is located at 4303 208th Street, Langley, B.C.





Photo’s courtesy of RGM Photography



 2019  Day Rates


Games Day Rate               1st person                 2nd. Family member.    Other family member.

                       Members,    $25.00                                 $15.00                                  $10.00

Non Members,                    $50.00                                  $30.00                                  $15.00

2nd. Horse, Member, $15.00,   Non Member, $30.00


English Day Rate    1st person               2nd. Family member.                Other family member.

                     Members,     $30.00                                  $20.00                                  $10.00

Non Members,                   $60.00                                 $40.00                                  $20.00

Western Day Rate   1st person               2nd. Family member.                Other family member

                        Members,     $30.00                                  $20.00                                  $10.00

Non Members,                       $60.00                                 $40.00                                  $20.00





Deposit cheques are now $150 each


PLEASE BE AWARE Your membership form will NOT be accepted unless your cheques are with it!

You will NOT be considered a member and will pay non member rates and will NOT accumulate year end points until we receive a completed form.

Also please ensure you are signing in all necessary locations