Langley Riders Society is a non profit organization that is run and maintained by volunteer membership. We are only as strong as our members. We need your help in order to maintain our society and grounds. We’re counting on you to help out at Langley Riders events and/or help with ground keeping; i.e. lawn mowing or repairs. We have a wonderful facility but we cannot keep it or maintain it without your generous support.

Membership fees
$45.00 single
$75.00 for a family
If you are joining Langley Riders Society, you will be required to deposit two separate $100.00 postdated cheques per family or single membership, dating July 1st, and October 20th. This is a retainer for your required help which consists of:

8 work hours (4 hours of which are due before July 1st)
2 work bees of min 2 hours each (1st work bee to be completed by July 1st)

PER Family, or single membership! (a family consists of 2 or more members residing at the same mailing address)

After completion of first half volunteer hours and one work bee, the first deposit cheque will be destroyed or returned. The second deposit cheque will be returned or destroyed after remaining work hours and bee are completed. (Anyone i.e. friends or family may complete the work hours or bees for you). If work hours are not completed, the cheque will be cashed.

No Member will be allowed to ride in any event (as a member) until postdated cheque is received.

Work Bee events for 2019 are listed on the events calendar