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Langley Riders is a family club operated by and with volunteers who are part of the club. We have many different varieties of horses and riders. Some come to show for the first time, some to school their new or young horses, some come out to just have fun and some are very serious. No matter why you come out everyone is welcome!

See a List of our English and Western Shows

It is mandatory that participants under 18 years of age wear properly fitted, approved BSI or ASTM protective headgear with safety harness correctly secured at all times while mounted, riding during the competition or on event grounds. It is strongly suggested that all competitors wear protective headgear.

Current HCBC is required to ride on LRS property and in all events

HCBC Membership

Rain outs will happen – Usually at the last minute. Please check email or call Show Director on heavy raining days.








1)Equitation – Senior

Equitation- Intermediate

Equitation Junior

Equitation- Tiny Mite

Equitation -Green (walk trot canter no cross entry)

Equitation- Walk/Trot


2)English Pleasure- Senior

English Pleasure- Intermediate

English Pleasure -Junior

English Pleasure- Tiny Mite

English Please- Green (walk trot canter no cross entry)

English Pleasure- Walk/Trot


3)Road Hack- Senior

Road Hack- Intermediate

Road Hack- Junior

Road Hack- Tiny Mite

Road Hack- Green (walk trot canter no cross entry)

Road Hack- Walk/Trot


4) Hunter Under Saddle- Senior

Hunter Under Saddle- Intermediate

Hunter Under Saddle- Intermediate

Hunter Under Saddle- Junior

Hunter Under Saddle-Tiny Mite

Hunter Under Saddle-Green (walk trot canter no cross entry)

Hunter Under Saddle- Walk/Trot


5) Discipline Rail – Senior

Discipline Rail – Intermediate

Discipline  Rail- Junior

Discipline Rail- Tiny Mite

Discipline Rail – Green (walk trot canter no cross entry)

Discipline Rail- Walk/Trot


6)** BONUS PRIZE CLASS -not for points

English Lead line approx. 11:45







WESTERN- Not to start before 12:30


1)Showmanship – Senior

Showmanship – Intermediate

Showmanship – Junior

Showmanship – Tiny Mite

Showmanship – Green

Showmanship – Walk/Trot


1A) Lunge line 1-3 year old horses ( not for points)


Western Lead line


2)Western Pleasure – Senior

Western Pleasure – Intermediate

Western Pleasure – Junior

Western Pleasure -Tiny Mite

Western Pleasure – Green

Western Pleasure – Walk/Jog


3)Western Horsemanship – Senior- Rail

Western Horsemanship – Intermediate – Rail

Western Horsemanship – Junior- Rail

Western Horsemanship -Tiny Mite – Rail

Western Horsemanship – Green – Rail

Western Horsemanship – Walk/Jog – Rail


4)Ranch Riding– Senior -Pattern

Ranch Riding– Intermediate -Pattern

Ranch Riding – Junior – Pattern

Ranch Riding – Tiny Mite -Pattern

Ranch Riding – Green – Pattern

Ranch Riding -Walk trot  -Pattern


5) Discipline Rail – Senior

Discipline Rail – Intermediate

Discipline Rail – Junior

Discipline  Rail- Tiny Mite

Discipline Rail – Green (walk trot canter no cross entry)

Discipline  Rail – Walk/Trot



6 )** BONUS PRIZE CLASS –  ** (not for points)



All ages as of Jan 1

Tiny Mite up to age 9 (to canter/lope on judges discretion)
Junior 10-14
Intermediate 15-19
Senior 20 and up
Walk Trot/Jog 10 and up (no cross entry with canter/lope classes)

Horses may be of any breed, type or size

ENTRIES: Entries paid on the day
Registration: 8:30 am
Proof of current Horse council required.


Applies to all non-profit riding club members – requires proof of your current club membership.

$40.00 all English & Western Classes
$25.00 English only

$25.00 Western only
$5.00 per class


$60.00 all English & Western classes
$35.00 English only

$35.00 Western only

$10.00 per class


Riders are to be suitably dressed with serviceable English attire.
Riders attire to consist of suitable jacket or sweater, riding shirt (long or short sleeved), English type boots, and jodhpurs or breeches.
All riders must wear helmets with a fixed harness for over fences classes.


English saddle of any type is required.
Bridles may be Double, Snaffle, or Pelham. Two reins or bit converters must be used with a Pelham.
Martingales are not allowed in flat classes.
Properly adjusted running or standing martingales allowed in over fences and hunter classes.
Breastplates are allowed in all classes.
Boots are allowed in over fences and hunter classes only. **Leg protection may be used at the discretion of the Show Management.
Schooling equipment for safety may be allowed at Judges discretion. The rider may be placed after all riders with proper tack at Judges discretion. Requests must be done before the start of the event or first class to be considered, otherwise class tack specifications stand. Riders 13 and under will be most eligible.
Spurs allowed.

Remember volunteers are needed!!!

Please come out and get your hours in or just lend a hand to help with ring crew, gate, announcing, etc. There is always a job to do and your help is not only wanted but much appreciated.

Please please help us and give the director a call ahead of time if you can volunteer.